Great Exciting Story – Another 5 Star Review for Lost Conscience: A Ben Baker Sniper Novel

Here is another book review of Lost Conscience: A Ben Baker Sniper Novel from amazon.  Engelen ordered a signed copy from this website and his review is greatly appreciated.  Those reading this triller are enjoying it!  One with the review:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great exciting story, well written, highly recommended! October 5, 2012
By N. Engelen
Lost Conscience by Alain Burrese
Imagine a former army sniper going vigilante, it would be a guy with a Paul Kersey intent with Bobby Lee Swagger`s skills. It would be Death Wish From Afar. Add to that already impressive skillset hand to hand combat skills of which most characters played by Chuck Norris would be proud of.
That description fits Ben Baker, a former sniper and martial arts expert who became an attorney. When he takes a case personally he risks everything to pursue the guy responsible for the horrific crime. However this triggers a chain of events which gets Baker and his former army buddy in one big adventure to right the wrong.
This is the debut novel by Alain Burrese, like the main character he is a former army sniper, a hap-ki-do expert and a lawyer. He also is the author of books on self-defence and hap ki do as well as the producer of many DVD’s about the same subject. So to write this novel Alain could draw from his own expertise and experience.
Whereas some books take 40 pages or more to get into the story, Lost Conscience took my attention from page one and kept hold of it all the way to the end. I liked the way Alain developed the two main characters and the way they interacted. I also loved the fight scenes as well as the description of the sniper tactics. My referring to Paul Kersey from the movie Death Wish was intentional as in the book Alain refers regularly to quotes from Tough Guy Movies, Alain also wrote several books filled with those quotes.
In short a great book, great story with exciting action and characters with whom the reader can identify. I really hope there will be a sequel! I highly recommend this book to the fan of action novels, the military enthusiast, and of course all the martial arts self-defence and combative enthusiasts.

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